How To Set Wifi For Bmw Icom Next

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Configuring a stable WIFI connection for your BMW ICOM Next is essential to ensure seamless communication with your vehicle’s advanced diagnostic system. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps required to set up a WIFI connection to your BMW ICOM Next device?

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1. Run ITool Radar to detect ICOM information

2. Open IE browser and enter ICOM configuration address (based on current real ICOM IP )

3. Select WLAN Settings
Enter WiFi settings
Save Changes.

4. Disconnect LAN cable and restart ICOM, then ICOM will auto connect with WiFi .

5. If using our ICOM software and USB-WIFI, enter configuration as following:
Security Type: WPA2 Personal
Pre‐shared Key: BmwAp24h

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