How To Setup Cnh Dpa5 Work With Cat Et 2023a

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CNH DPA5 support many other software working. Here in this instruction show you guide on how to setup CNH DPA5 work with CAT ET 2023A.

CAT ET 2023A

– Start Program.
– Click Utilities–>Preferences–>Communications from the menu bar.
– Click on Communication Interface Device drop down box.
– Select RP1210 Compliant Device.
– Click Advanced
– Select the correct DPA in the RP1210 Communication Adapter Device box.
– Click OK
– Check Enable Dual Data Link Service
– Click OK.

CAT ET 2023A Notes:
Enable Dual Data Link. This checkbox should be “checked” in most cases. However, on some older J1708 (ATA) only vehicles, ET will not work with this checkbox checked. If ET does not connect, try “unchecking”, or “checking” this button.

The DPA product line does not support the CAT Data Link (CDL) protocol that is still common among certain CAT off-highway vehicles and industrial stationary equipment. CDL is a proprietary protocol and there are no generic adapters on the market that support this protocol.

To find out if your vehicle/equipment is CDL or a standard protocol (J1708/ATA, J1939), you should look at the diagnostic connector for that equipment in the service manual.

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