How To Swap Chevy Volt 2021 Denso Radio With Vxdiag Gm Gds2 And Sps

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My Chevy Volt was manufactured in late 2011, but it is a MY2012 with a Denso navigation head unit. I purchase a new 22925286 unit (option codes UFU & UP9) at $35 and works totally fine after reprogramming through my VXDIAG VCX Nano GM GDS2 with a $40 SPS subscription.

An SPS subscription will only let you program the correct model & model year vehicle for the VIN you provided in TIS2Web. So selecting a different model year likely will still keep you blocked from programming one way or another. Programming process in SPS may be different for 2011 Volts. You need try by yourself.

Here’s a set of screenshots showing what the reprogramming/swapping process was like for me. Hope it helps.

Swap Denso HDD with Navi and Bose on the Volt 12′:
– You need to find a head unit with a part number 22925286. PRO code for the unit with NAVI is &UFU&UP9. Bose is just software stuff which needs to be activated during reprogramming.

(click to enlarge images)

GDS2 ID information before reprogramming

Radio ID information pinout from GDS2, post-reprogramming

The second screenshot is just a printout from one of GDS2’s menus, nothing too different from the first screenshot aside from its formatting.

Select Radio module and Programming

Audio system selection screen, UFU+UP9 were the options my factory radio had.

Rear view Camera option selection. Pretty self-explanatory, does your car have a backup camera or no?

Audio and Equalizer options will setup the radio according to whether your car has the Bose system (UQA) or not (UZ6)

Language calibrations are similar easy enough. In this case i selected the U.S only calibration.

This is the last screen you’ll see before programming. It will confirm whether you are actuvally makeing any changes or not. I messed up my option codes when programming for the first time, so i’m actually glad i went and did this.

Done. Reprogramming the new calibrations only took a few seconds. Then clear existing DTCs.

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