How To Update Witech Chrysler Diagnostic Software

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Here show you how to update wiTech Chrysler diagnostic software, hope it helps.

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Part 1:Original wiTech Chrysler Diagnostic Software Update Guide

1.Download “wiTECH Software Installer” located under the “Legacy Tools” section of the wiTECH Information page on DealerCONNECT.

Note-Be sure to download and save this file to your desktop before installing the “wiTECH Software Installer” application.

2.Double click on the download “wiTECH Software Installer” exe file then select “OK”.

3.Select “Next”.

4.Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and select “Next”.

5.Select “Install”

6.Select “Finish” and the “wiTECH System Installer Stub ‐ Software Manager” screen will be displayed.

7.Once the “wiTECH System Installer Stub-Software Manager” screen has been displayed. Please check the box for the software update you want to install. Once you check the box for the applicable update select the “Install” button.

Note-Downloading of the wiTECH diagnostic application may take several minutes depending on your internet connection speeds.

8.Please select “Next”.

9.This will launch the InstallShield installation process. Select “OK” to continue.

10.Select “Next”.

11.Select the Country or Region from the dropdown and select “Next”.

12.Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and select “Next”.

13.Select “Standard Install” and select “Next”.

14.Select “Install”.

15.The installation of the wiTECH Diagnostic application will begin at this time.

Note-This process can take several minutes to complete.

16.Once the install completes the following screen will be displayed. Select “Finish”.

17.To launch the wiTECH application, please use the desktop icon shown below.

Part 2:OEM wiTech Chrysler Diagnostic Software Guide

For crack wiTech software,it can not support update online.If you want to get update version,you need to contact you dealer and ask newer version. Commonly,them will sent the new version software on CD or provide you with download link.

And you also can try to use the newer wiTech on your interface, but you need try it at your own risk.

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