How To Use Autel Maxisys Elite To Delete Transport Mode For A Bmw X6 E71 2012

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Car model and year: BMW X6 E71 2012
Purpose: To delete transport mode via OBD
The tool used: Autel Maxisys Elite
Connect Autel Elite scanner with BMW OBD, press
Diagnostics >> VIN >> Auto detect >> OK >> Yes

Wait reading control unit information until 100%…

Service >> Maintenance and Pre-Delivery check >> Transport mode, Pre-Delivery check >> Delete transport mode >> Condition based service pre-delivery check

Delete transport mode and then carry out the pre-delivery check?
If installed, the battery master switch should be removed from the vehicle before deactivating transport mode!
Press “Yes”.

Transport mode of all control units was deleted.
The transport mode of the air suspension was deleted.

Service function completed.
Press “Continue” to finish.


Autel Elite Scan Tool can perform BMW X6 E71 2012 delete transport mode successfully.

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