How To Use Ford Ids Software To Do Pcm Reprogramming For Ford Focus After Pcm Replacement

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This instruction show you guide on how to use Ford IDS Software to do PCM reprogramming for Ford Focus after PCM replacement.


Ford IDS V118 V117 V113 Software Free Download


Connect your Ford diagnostic tool (VCM2) to car obd port,then run software

Select “Start New Session”–>” All other”

Then wait establishing communication to PCM

It will show you the vehicle information as below,click “Yes” to continue

Input odometer value,then click “OK” icon at lower right corner

Select “Module Programming”

Select “Programmable Module Installation”–>”PCM”

Wait for the process..

Set ignition switch to OFF

Install a new module in vehicle

Click “OK” icon

Please read the follow information carefully:

Note:Do not start a reprogramming session with a low battery in the vehicle and/or programming tool.

The fuel pump and the engine cooling fan(s) may run during the following procedure

If you are programming a 6.0L diesel,the FICM relay must be removed before programming.

The Ford IDS will prompt you to set the ignition switch to ON

PCM reprogramming..

Please wait

When PCM reprogramming process done,follow the prompt to set ignition switch to OFF

Then set the ignition switch to ON again

Set ignition switch to OFF

Here are some repeat steps,just follow prompt

Calibration has been loaded and checked

If you programmed a 6.0L diesel please reinstall the FICM relay

If required,obtain a PCM reprogramming label and complete with the following data:

Start engine

Note:Do not depress the throttle pedal

Set ignition switch to OFF

Set ignition switch to ON

Now here clear DTCs


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