How To Use Launch X431 Device To Reprogram Tpms Sensors

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If you find your vehicle TMPS sensor broken,you need replace and reprogram it to make it work. So in this instruction show you guide on how to use LANUCH X431 device to reprogram TPMS sensors.

Launch X431 device
Launch RF TPMS sensors
Launch X431 TSGUN


Connect Launch X431 device to Launch TSGUN by bluetooth

Go to TPMS menu on Launch X431 device

Select “CHEVROLET”–>”Silverado”

Select “2015/01-2019/12(433MHz) K2XC”

Then use Launch TSGUN to read original broken TPMS sensor ID

Select “Programming” on menu

Then it will show you with the currently ID,press “Programming”

Close Launch TSGUN to new Launch RF sensor to start programming

Place the device close to the tire pressure sensor that needs to activated.

To check the sensor ID,read the sensor and it show Repeat

Now reprogramming done.

Install new programmed TPMS sensor on Tire wheel and install all parts back on your car.

Remember clear DTCs related to TMPS

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