How to Use NCS Expert Change VO for BMW E65

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NCS Expert Change VO for BMW E65

  • Before NCS can be used a Profile must be loaded
  • Select File/Load Profile from top menu bar
  • Select “Expertmode” the OK
  • Once a profile is loaded the bottom buttons become
  • Select “F1” to read vehicle data first
  • Select F3 to read FA from ECU
  • This needs to be done before any coding can be
  • Select the model you care working with
  • For this example “E65”
  • Select “OK”
  • Choose the ECU to read the Vehicle Order from
  • Here i select it from “CAS”,then click “OK”
  • Then the vehicle information will show,include VIN and
  • Select “F2” to modify VO
  • Select the model you are working with
  • For this example “E65”,then click “OK” to
  • Verify the the VIN is correct
  • Note:Last digit is a checksum,and select
  • Enter SA or Service code ,then select “Add”
  • Enter FA,SA code must begin with $
  • Service Codes must begin with +
  • Example enter “$655”,select
  • Scroll down to check
  • Example enter “+EVER”,select
  • And scroll down to check,then click
  • After you have successfully,changed the VO you will see this screen
  • Select F6 (Back)
  • Select F4 to process ECU
  • Select “CAS”,then click “OK” to
  • Select F2 to change job
  • Select “FA_WRITE”
  • Verify Jobname is “FA_WRITE” and CAS is ECU
  • Select F3,execute job
  • Select F1,change ECU to select LM
  • This will ensure that new VO is written into CAS and
  • Select “LMA”,click “OK” to
  • Verify Jobname is “FA_WRITE” and LMA is ECU selected
  • Then select F3 to execute job
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