HUD Head-up Display BMW F15 X5 FDL Coding

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to coding for BMW F15 FDL HUD Head-up display for BMW F15 X5

What you need to do BMW F15 X5 FDL Coding?

  • BMW Enet cable or
    BMW Enet
  • A laptop installed Esys BMW and
    EsysPlus (BMW
    E-sys Free download)
  • Note: Before FDL coding, please do VO coding first because VO coding will
    overwrite FDL coded values.

    How to change BMW F-series FA(VO)

    Operation Procedure:

  • Connect BMW X5 and laptop with BMW ENET Cable.Then open bmw e-sys
    coding software on laptop.
  •     Click the “Connect”
    button then select the target chassis F15.

  • Select “Expert Mode” on the left side and click the
    “Coding” button.
  • In Vehicle Order section (upper left), click the “Read”
    button and it will display the FA folder. Right click it and choose
    “Activate FA”.
  • Go to SVT Actual section (lower right) and click “Read
    SVT” button.
  • Then it will display the whole SVT folder, which contains all the
    ECU folders of your car.
  • Below the KOMBI folder you will see a green option CAFD file.
    Right click it and select “Read coding data”.
  •     After that you will see following
    message, just close it.

  • Right click the CAFD file and select “Edit FDL”. The
    CAFD file will open.
  •     You can see FDL Editor as

  • Enter the coordinates in the search bar to find the desired
  • You can find some keywords by typing them without having to type
    in all the coordinates.
  • Expand the folder “HUD_SPRACHEINGABE_ENABLE” and find
    the value “nicht_aktiv” (It means “disable”).
  • Right click to choose “Edit” then change the value to
    “aktiv” (It means “able”).
  • After change value, FDL Coding is not complete!
  • You should click the “Save” button.
  • This is not a step to save the value to the vehicle, but to temporarily
    store the value on computer.

  • Then click the “Back” button to exit the FDL Editor
  • In SVT Actual section, you can find the “Code FDL”
    button. Click it to transfer the coding values you temporarily saved to your
    computer to your car.
  •     Note: It’s “Code FDL”
    button not “Code” button. Code button is a button to initialize

  • Wait it 100% complete then click
  • Successfully!
    Note:We’re providing a general guide to coding within this article.You are
    assuming all risk by following this guide,and I will not be accountable
    should you cause damage to your vehicle.

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