JLR SDD Repair Land Rover Exhaust Filter Full Problem

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JLR SDD Repair Land Rover Exhaust Filter Full Problem

Here is a mini post for how to use JLR SDD diagnostic software to repair Land Rover “Exhaust Filter Full” warning message on instrument cluster.


Newest JLR SDD V160 V159 +PATCH Software Free DownloadHow to Install JLR SDD V160 Diagnostic Software


Connect JLR SDD interface to vehicle obd port,then softwareAfter vehicle identification,enter option to change “DPF repair interval publisher” from “activated” value to “disabled”JLR-SDD-Repair-Land-Rover-Exhaust-Filter-Full-Problem-1And then access “Engine manage exhaust market” and change value to “World Other country or region”JLR-SDD-Repair-Land-Rover-Exhaust-Filter-Full-Problem-2Configure current module for Powertrain control moduleJLR-SDD-Repair-Land-Rover-Exhaust-Filter-Full-Problem-3After then access Powertrain option to run “DPF replacement”Powertrain Setting–DPF Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS) run it.JLR-SDD-Repair-Land-Rover-Exhaust-Filter-Full-Problem-4Done!

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