Launch X431 or Autel Maxisys? which replaces Bosch KTS 

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This reason of looking for Bosch kts650 alternative diagnostic tool is because kts650 is too heavy to get it everywhere with me, and the esi 1.0 is the old version, the new version 2.0 is too expensive. Better buy Autel maxisys or launch, they are better and cheaper. I use both of them and its good combo, never had any problems.

Option 1: Launch x431 v (X431 v is 8 inch, X431 v+ is 10 inch)

well I can say Launch with Kts is a pretty good choice, if I can’t make it with Launch I do it with Bosch Kts. There is original Launch with original license (2 years free then 600 dollars every year, I update it every 2-3-4 years) and then there is Copy of original Launch app like EasyDiag, Diagzone etc, you cannot do online coding and lots of stuff with fake copy of Launch app only with original Launch. An original Launch is 800 dollars. A copy/fake one consists of a tablet with Easydiag, Diagzone etc app installed and some activation server or something similar. There are lots of Names and models, there are different names in Europe than in China. There are 2 versions of 8″ Tablet and 2 versions of 10″ Tablet, main difference apart from inches between the versions is cpu, ram and gb storage (2021 version X431 V upgrade its configuration and almost as the same as V+). I highly recommend to buy from China (“global” version) as it is half the price and does the same thing as the Euro version except the color is different.

There are also version like Euro Tab 1, 2 or 3 which is still a tablet with a better interface that has PassThru capability.

I would recommend you get either the newest 8″ or 10″ inch tablet (black covers). Check out Launch x431 v (X431 v is 8 inch, X431 v+ is 10 inch).

I have Launch x431 v+ 2 years now and subs are over this month, subs are 600 usd for 1 year, so today I did buy a new set for 800usd and I have 2 years of subs again. They are very good on coding, adapting, resets, etc…

I also have kts 560 with esi 2, we have 3 pcs and divide 1000 euros in 3 as we are 3 different persons, you will want to update easydiag which is 70-80$, if you update original launch after 3 years you get almost the price of fake launch and for me it’s not worth it to buy fake as i work with pretty new cars that need online coding and functions.

Option 2: Autel Maxisys MS908P or Autel Maxisys Elite: do online coding, module software update

I would add that Autel Maxisys has an interface unit that follows J2534 Passthrough standard like the Bosch unit does, so it can be used in the factory environments in the same way as KTS.
ESI Tronic gets locked when the licensing period ends. Autel stays unlocked and the update is cumulative. So, for example, if you have do not update Autel for a few years, you get all the previous updates you missed when you choose to pay for an update, and you are subscribed for a year. The only downside of this is the support, you do not get support if the current version of the software is newer than the version on your device and you are not currently subscribed. While subscribed, the Autel support (ticketing system) can be a real asset, helping out by creating new patches when there is a coding error or source material error that produced a solution that is not working on a particular vehicle. Autel devices are stand-alone tablet devices so the PC/Laptop is not needed for its use.
ESITronic environment is excellent for procedures, circuit diagrams, component locations, … It is a big plus for the brand where you cannot get the original service data, but it is sometimes lacking the options and depth when compared with ELSA for VAG or WIS for Mercedes.

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