Maximizing Car Repair Efficiency with DoIP Diagnostic Devices

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Car repair requires efficient programming support and that’s where DoIP devices come in. DoIP stands for Diagnostics over Internet Protocol, a remote diagnostic system that enables faster data transfer with low hardware costs.

Understand the Benefits of DoIP Diagnostic Technology

DoIP, or Diagnostics over Internet Protocol, is a form of remote vehicle diagnostics that facilitates communication between diagnostic tools and a vehicle’s ECU. With DoIP, you can enjoy faster data transfer rates and lower hardware costs compared to traditional diagnostic methods. Get ahead in car repair with the power of DoIP technology.

DoIP Diagnostic Devices at Auto Service offers a range of diagnostic devices for popular brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, GM, and Volkswagen. However, its main offerings are the C4 DoIP and JLR Doip VCI, the latest DoIP diagnostic tools.

Mercedes SD Connect C4

Mercedes Benz DOIP device SDconect

The SD Connect C4 is a stable device for connecting to diagnostic and programming software like Xentry, Vediamo, and DTS Monaco. It weighs about 4kg, has a neat design for easy connection to the car and computer. The C4 device supports both wired and wifi connections, making it user-friendly for technicians.

Key Functions:

  • Read and delete errors in all vehicle systems
  • Read real-time data from all vehicle systems
  • Activate full check of actuator systems
  • Reset original values of vehicle systems
  • Encrypt engine control boxes, chassis, bodywork, and instrumentation
  • Provide diagnostic and remedial guidance in software
  • Support activation of all vehicle systems



For Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, JLR Doip VCI is a must-have diagnostic tool. It supports all SDD programming and diagnostic protocols, Pathfinder activation service, WIFI connection, and VBF editing. The Doip VCI is the only approved interface for the Pathfinder software and compatible with vehicles from 2014 to the latest models.

Key Functions:

  • Supports all SDD programming & diagnostic protocols
  • Supports offline Pathfinder activation service
  • Supports WIFI connection
  • Supports VBF Editing
  • Supports editing EXML files
  • Provides technical software support SDD
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