MB Star Diagnosis

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MB Star Diagnosis

Vcx Se Benz Review 02

Look at this small tool, it is named VXDAIG VCX SE BENZ, used to diagnose and program /code All Mercedes Benz car models including the newest car with DoIP protocol.   As you can see, it is made solid of… Continue Reading


Test report: MB Star diagnosis SD connect c4 version 2019 cloned multiplexer now can support ethernet communication (DoIP).   Here you go….   Go to Xentry Diagnosis Diagnosis steps: Step 1: the boundary conditions are recorded Step 2: the control… Continue Reading


Topic: looking for an inexpensive diagnostic scanner to troubleshoot a 1999 E430 W210 (as well as other older Mercedes models with 38-PIN round diagnostic socket).   Working experience: I recently purchased an Autel MD808 Pro under the belief that it could, among other… Continue Reading


Look here: What’s the difference between Benz eCOM DoIP diagnostic tool and MB Star diagnostic SD connect c4 multiplexer? Mercedes diagnostic tool eCOM DoIP SD connect C4 Image Price 899 469 Software compatibility Xentry Yes, Xentry 03.2019 Yes, Xentry 05.2019… Continue Reading


Something good to help you to make Xentry PassThru on Windows 10 x64 support new Mercedes models (Euro5/6, W205, W213, W222). Done with VAS5054A PassThru Driver   Xentry PassThru needs to be installed on Windows x64 to support new models, such as Euro5/6, W205, W213,… Continue Reading


Newest version 2018.12 Xentry OpenShell XDOS MB Star diagnostic has been tested and verified no issue with SD Connect C4/SD C5 multiplexer.   Software languages: Chinese, English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese,… Continue Reading


Q:  Does anyone have a list of command line arguments/parameters for starting mb star diagnostic SD Connect C4 HHT-Win directly from shortcuts? For example, I know that “HHTPKW.exe -b140” will start HHTWin for the W140 (gas version), and -b129 will start it for… Continue Reading


This is for those with MB Star diagnosis SD connect C4 multiplexer. We will explain a lot about LED display with message, buttons, icons on the diagnostic system.   Display, buttons and icons:   The display is divided into two.… Continue Reading

Problem: I have SD Connect C4 multiplexer. It works great with Xentry with cable connection. O/S: Windows 7 64 Bits. But Vediamo V05.00.05 has issue connecting to MB SD C4. After opened up Vediamo, I press on update. Then, i got error message “The Caesar-Hardware Part… Continue Reading


This is for Mitsubishi Fuso owners: Possible to use FUSO Xentry diagnostics with a cloned SDconnect C4 or C5? What can I do if I have FUSO Xentry diagnostic software? autosvs.com tech support:   With the genuine, definitely Yes. But… Continue Reading


Mercedes offline programming/coding tips and guides:   Offline coding: SCN or CVN coding was added to the cars back in 2003 if not earlier . The idea of OFFLINE coding was to be able to make SCN codings when you… Continue Reading


Model: Mercedes Benz SL500 (R129) 2001   Problem: Made a key for a 2001 SL500, car ran fine for 2 days.. Then car won’t start..   Solution: Took immo box out and read HC05 chip with xprog 5.55, data was… Continue Reading


The latest V2018.09 Super MB Star diagnostic software adds lots of special functions comparing normal 2018.09 mb star software.   V2018.09 Super MB Star Update Plan: 1. Erase SCR ADBLUE fault code (in MR) with correct New FDOK XN 2.… Continue Reading


This user manual is aimed to help newbies and those who has issues with MB Star diagnostic system – HHT-WIN. HHT-WIN is Hand Held Tester comes with XODS disks used for Mercedes diagnostics. In essence HHTWIN is a hi-tech version… Continue Reading


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