Mercedes W220 SAM Coding with MB Star SD C4

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Mercedes W220 SAM Coding with MB Star SD C4

Mercedes Benz W220 has 3 SAMs, Rear, Front Left and Front Right, and on this case there is only a couple of Alarm Codings in the Front Left SAM, so the pictorial shows you how to reach the codings. Here we show you how to select a Coding to get it’s other options and then you all done fiddling which Icon or (F5 button) you hit to actually carry out the coding otherwise it will stay as it was before after you exit the Coding screen !!

Note that if you do screw it up, and weird stuff happens, you can go back in and alter Codings again, so panic ye not !! What you do here is not irreversible. What I advise is to screenshot and save the Codings that are in the Module before fiddling, so you can go back to base line if necessary ;)

Follow the pictures, note where to click by where the cursor arrow is, which takes you to the next screen, and all MB Star SD C4 diagnostic users should know by now that if you wanna go back a screen click F1 or the / Icon .

So here we are, inside the infamous W220.

Select your vehicle screens

That will get you to the next Control Units screen which should also be familiar.

So Highlight Control Units and click F3

Now you need a bit of knowledge or have to go looking in systems (Drive / Chassis / Body etc etc), I happen to know SAM’s are Body, highlight and hit F3 .

Lets look at Front Left on this vehicle, highlight Control Unit Adaptations and hit F3

Now you see Read Coding And Change If Necessary, yeah yeah, Highlight and F3

There is only 2 Alarm Codings to see in this W220, the SL R230 and others should / might have more model specifics, so now we gonna use the same procedures as above and show you a whole bunch you can meddle with in ICM (Instrument Cluster) so go back to Body Chassis etc and ICM is not in “Body”, (3 pics back !! :D keep the heck up !! :p) it is actually found in “Information and Communication” (of course it is) :p

Now see I’ve magically jumped into the ICM by going back a few screens and re-selecting to get to ICM

Highlight “Control Unit adaptations” and “Variant Coding” and hit F3

Now we can really mess things up, seriously though this shows a load of version codings lets look at which is the drivers side, pretend this screen says left….


So highlight Left, click F3 it will take you to the options, so we wanna change it to Right, now, after highlighting Right click F5 in this screen and that’s that job done come out of ICM then go back in and re -read it just to make sure it is stuck !!

This next screen shows you another list of stuff in the W220 Cluster to play with

There we go, how hard was that.

Now, just take note every Car model is different, so for example there will be less or more codings depending exactly which car you are working on.

Earlier Platform Cars like R170 will use DAS for Motor Codings, (note there is a special procedure needed as the ME has to be unlocked), unlike a SAM, ICM etc which don’t need un-locked. There are other modules such as ICM on R170 that you have to access it’s Codings via the HHT Menus, that is kinda self explanatory.

Next upwards platform Cars like W220 are all DAS program Codings.

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