Mercedes Xentry 06.2023, EPC WIS ASRA, DTS Monaco, HHTWin, MB Truck Explorer 

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Mercedes MB Truck Explorer
Mercedes MB Truck Explorer for Special Operations with Commercial Vehicles. The software allows you to program ignition keys, read and write internal PLD memory of the control unit, generate a key for downloading MR to DAS dealer software, calculate an access code with algorithms that are compatible with XT, X1, X2, X8, XN on VeDoc (FDOK) X- features and more.

WIS – Werkstatt-Informations-System – database for repair, maintenance and wiring diagrams.
ASRA – Arbeitstexte Standardtexte Richtzeiten Arbeitswerte. Descriptions of works, standards.

EPC – spare parts catalog.
Mercedes DTS Monaco – is an engineering software for Mercedes that has more features than Vediamo. In addition to coding and tuning the electronics, it can also diagnose control units.

Mercedes HHTWin – program for diagnostics of Mercedes cars.

Mercedes Xentry OpenShell 06.2023 HHT DAS WIS EPC STARFINDER VEDIAMO MONACO (Acronis)
The image of programs for diagnostics, coding and programming of cars of the Mercedes-benz concern. The software package in this image is already configured for MB Star C4 (Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 4)
I will configure and activate under C3 (virtual machine with version 09.2014), C4, C5, C6, Xentry VCI
Software versions:
Xentry OpenShell 06.2023
DAS SCN offline coding (SDFlash 07.2018)
Xentry OpenShell 09.2014 (Virtual machine for full C3 support)
Xentry Update Service
Vediamo v05.01.01
DTS Monaco v8.14.016 + projects 2021 (8.16.015 as a bonus upon my activation) + setting for C6, Xentry VCI, VCX SE + setting for J2534
EPC 2018/11
WIS 2020/10
WIS standalone 2021/07
COMAND Download Manager
StarFinder 2016 (with wiring diagrams) + 2020 (without wiring diagrams)
HTTwin direct installation with full functionality
MBSeedKey+DLLs 2020
Seed Calculator + DLLs 2020
Regio ECU 09.2014
VGSNAG2 Manager v1.6
Manuals for Vediamo and DTS Monaco
Switching between versions of OpenShell and Passthrue has been added to the folder with activators.

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