Navigating Active Braking Valve Diagnostics with WABCO Toolbox Plus 

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As the commercial vehicle industry continues to prioritize safety and efficiency, diagnostic tools like the WABCO Toolbox Plus become indispensable for maintenance professionals. In this article, we delve into the process of testing Active Braking Valves (ABVs) using the WABCO Toolbox Plus software, ensuring that vital components of the braking system are functioning correctly for optimal vehicle performance.

Introduction to WABCO Toolbox Plus
WABCO Toolbox Plus is a comprehensive diagnostic software suite designed for use with WABCO’s braking systems, including ABS, EBS, ECAS, and a range of other vehicle control systems. With the ability to read and clear fault codes, as well as perform a variety of tests and calibrations, WABCO Toolbox Plus is an essential tool for technicians working on modern commercial vehicles.

Active Braking Valves Test Overview
Active Braking Valves are critical components in advanced braking systems, responsible for regulating air pressure to the brakes during both normal operation and advanced safety maneuvers such as automatic emergency braking. Regularly testing these valves ensures they respond accurately to the electronic control unit’s (ECU) commands.


The Active Braking Valves can be cycled using WABCO TOOLBOX PLUS™ Software. To cycle the ABVs, choose the option “Valves” from the “Component Tests” drop-down menu. Or if you are using TOOLBOX™ Software version 12 or higher, from “Components”.

The valve selection screen will appear where you can choose to cycle Front Axle ABV, Rear Axle ABV or Trailer ABV individually.
Then, listen to ensure the correct valve is cycling. This is helpful in verifying correct operation, installation and wiring.

If you are using TOOLBOX™ Software older than Version 11, to test the function of the Trailer
Stability Control Modulator valve, choose “E4.3 TBV with ABS Valve” from the “Component
Tests” drop-down menu. Listen to ensure the correct valve is cycling.

For TOOLBOX™ software 12 or higher select the “Trailer Valve” under the “Component Test
Trailer Valve” in the drop-down menu. Listen to the ensure the correct valve is cycling.
If you are unsure which test option to choose, contact the WABCO Customer Care Center at
855-228-3203 and have your ECU part number available.

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