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Before digging into the Entrynav2 head unit features, let’s start off with
the basics of the BMW navigation system types. In general there are 5 sets of
numbers you’ll want to look at when identifying yours:

* S606A (Business Navigation) available in Europe only
* S6UNA (Navigation) available in Europe and the US
* S6UPA (Navigation Plus) available in Europe and the US
* S609A (Navigation System Professional) available in Europe and the
* S6U3A (Live Cockpit Professional) available in Europe and the US
The first three types of BMW navigation the Business Navigation, Navigation
and Navigation Plus are the so-called entry-level nav systems positioned
under a Navigation System Professional (commonly referred to as a pro nav).
The last, Live Cockpit Professional, is the latest addition bringing the
Bavarian brand to the smart future with the fully digital iDrive 7.0 and

Types of BMW navigation systems

Entry-level Navigation vs Pro Navigation
How exactly is the entry-level navigation different from the pro nav? It’s
a lighter version containing less advanced maps and stripped of a few
multimedia features. See the most prominent differences.
Now, where is your Entrynav Evo head unit placed in this whole lineup? It
belongs to the category of entry-level BMW navigation, next to its older nav
versions Entrynav, Entry or CHAMP2.

Here you can see how all BMW head units are divided along the entire BMW
navigation system range:

* Navigation / Navigation Plus / Business Navigation MASK, CHAMP, CHAMP2,
* Navigation System Professional CCC, CIC, NBT, NBT EVO ID4/ID5/ID6
* BMW Live Cockpit Professional MGU (in iDrive 7.0 and iDrive 8.0)
Entrynav EVO vs NBT EVO ID6
Folks often confuse Entrynav Evo with NBT Evo ID6 head unit since they’re
each other’s lookalikes from two different BMW navigation system versions,
featured in the same manufacturing period 2016-2020.

Glancing at their BMW screens it’s hard to decide which one’s which until
you delve into the details. So here is an overview of how they vary:

If your Entrynav2 is on the more sparse side and misses the amenities of
Enhanced Bluetooth, voice control or BMW Apple CarPlay, you have a few
options to upgrade OEM Entrynav Evo head unit upgrade, NBT Evo ID5/ID6 iDrive
System upgrade and BMW CarPlay & Android Auto retrofit.
OEM ENTRYNAV EVO Head Unit Upgrade CarPlay Edition
With an original Entrynav Evo head unit upgrade you can update your current
Entrynav Evo lacking a WiFi antenna to feature a full range of OEM phone
integration options and control possibilities. The list includes:

* Original BMW Apple CarPlay: Use your iPhone’s navigation, messaging,
music and other driver-focused apps straight from your factory BMW iDrive
* Enhanced Bluetooth: Pair up multiple devices via Bluetooth at once and
stream music from your phone or USB.
* BMW apps: Listen to Spotify through your BMW speakers and switch between
songs with the help of the iDrive controller.
* Voice Control: Call your family members, give navigation directions and
search your iDrive features all using voice commands.
* An 8.8 BMW touchscreen (if compatible): Control your entire hub in a
quick, phone-like manner and get clearer visibility of the displayed
* iDrive controller: Replace your iDrive controller for one with or without
touch functionality and swiftly get around your infotainment hub.
NBT Evo ID6 iDrive System Upgrade
Want all of the above plus advanced navigation and driver assistance
features? Along with plentiful multimedia possibilities, NBT Evo ID5/ID6
iDrive System upgrade adds the same amount of driver assistance systems
benefiting your daily driving routines. The list includes among others:

* The latest BMW Maps: Always know the best and fastest routes to get to
your destination along with the newest points of interest.
* Video & Services In Motion: Play movies for your passengers while on
the road through DVD.
* Comfort ventilation: Schedule your ventilation for a chosen time of day
and always enter your vehicle with a breeze of fresh air.
* BMW ConnectedDrive: Use your BMW subscription services and access
features such as roadside assistance, customer support and phone connections.

* Instrument panel settings: Choose what information you want to display on
your instrument panel, such as speed limit information, distance to
destination, average speed, etc.
* Cruise control settings: Set your vehicle to automatically control your
* Efficient Dynamics: See your average driving speed, your current mpg usage
and toggle between different driving modes.
* Android screen mirroring: Screen mirror your Android phone display onto
the BMW screen and play videos from YouTube for your passengers when on the
Get an overview of how it looks:

BMW CarPlay & Android Auto Retrofit
OEM BMW maps or touch screens are not your thing, but turning your BMW
navigation system into Apple & Google hub definitely is in that scenario,
there’s no better way to upgrade than with CarPlay & Android Auto

It’s an ultimate retrofit allowing you to use a host of popular iPhone and
Android apps in full screen on your BMW’s factory iDrive display. Depending
on your likings, the choices are vast. You can pick whether you want to
listen to your music or podcasts through Spotify, YouTube Music or others,
stay in touch with your friends via WhatsApp or Messages, or find your routes
via Google Maps or Waze without catching a ticket.

Is YouTube or Netflix gonna be there? Thanks to the screen mirroring
functionalities, it sure is! But more on that topic in this article.

Check how BMW CarPlay & Android Auto retrofit works:

If you want to know more about your Entrynav 2 head unit features or got a
new article suggestion, hit us up down in the comment section! We’ll gladly
get to know your ideas.

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