Ncs Expert Do Bmw E60 Ccc Coding Programming

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NCS Expert do BMW E60 CCC Coding/Programming

This is for your information: The video and write-up really clear a lot of coding steps and questions of how to use BMW ICOM NCS Expert to install and code/program a CCC (Car Communication Computer), on a 2005 BMW E60 545i.
The original CCC was completely dead, the diagnostic machine could not establish communication with the module or sub modules of the CCC,to I was show you this “no communication”, but run out time…
A second hand unit was installed.
In this video I will demonstrate how to code the module to the car.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Credits to lmsvvavr
If you think it difficult, there is a EASY way to do this in NCS expert (much easier than the process in this video) to to recode your new CCC unit to your car.


Some background: Your car has a VO (Vechicle Order), also called FA which I think is the german translation. The VO is a string of text with information about what options your car have. For example, a car with Logic 7 has “$677” in the VO, a car with HiFi instead has “$676”.


Menus are missing because your new CCC is matched to a different VO. The fix is quite straight-forward:

  1. Get BMW standard tools installed. This is the most difficult step, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.
  2. Get to know the software and make sure your connection to your car is good. You can do that by reading some fault codes, testing seat buckles etc. in EDIABAS.
  3. Close EDIABAS and start NCS Expert. Load profile expertmode.
  4. Press F1 (FG/ZCS/FA)
  5. Press F3 (ZCS/FA f. ECU)
  6. Select your chassis (E89=E9x)
  7. Select CAS
  8. Press F6 (back)

8b. Optional: Make a backup of your FSW_PSW.TRC in /WORK folder (Google it)

  1. Press F4 (Process ECU)
  2. Select the first module you need to code (CGATE), see explanation below
  3. Press F3 (Execute job)
  4. Redo step 4-9
  5. Select the next module you need to code (CHOST) until all five are coded
  6. Done! Your CCC is now matched to your VO (the options on your car)


This way is in my opinion, the EASIEST way…
Here are frequently-asked questions and answers i put them below.


i have change my CCC (the old one has the reboot Bug 😀 ), but now it dont save the bass / trebble / Fader / Balance and other settings 🙁 i go wild XD

You need to have it coded to the car FA… in other to assume all the car specs and options…


I have to Update my CCC. Not the same software-version. Thats why it dont save the personal settings:(

Software update is not the same as coding… but you already know that. Although you might need to code the ccc first and change his vin number, prior to update the software… it all depends on which approach you are go into use .


What cables do you use for both softwares? I use k+dcan inpa cable for coding, can I use it for the other programme BMWdash?

INPA with a cheap INPA K+DCAN cable (of course, ICOM A2 or BMW ICOM Next definitely OK) can actually be used for both, coding and VIN change… however the VIN change with WinKFP it is a bit more tricky than with BMWDash….


I got a used CCC from another car everything works but the audio plus the new system has 6 CD changer and bluetooth which mine do not. Do I need to get the new system coded?

If you want to get rid of the menus and functions that do not apply to your car, yes…


Will you be opening the CCC to see what was wrong with it? I feel that soldering iron heating up!

LOL… well, I had a few repaired in the past, have although never done a video for it… This units tend to suffer from different issues… in this one I am pretty sure it is going to be the capacitors in the power supply area of the board… as the unit was not even booting… The car and the old unit have already been picked up… will for sure make a video of the repair when another one comes with a bit more time…


what cable and software do you use. If you could please put links under the description below on where to get them

Just Google ‘bmw cables’… might be a good place to start…


i swapped the ccc unit and i lost sound completely in the car. any ideas how to bring it back? there is no sound un the car at all. even no welcome dong when you open ignition. please help!

Right… I would get the car scanned… look for codes… get into the amplifier and do some actuation… if available… see if sound comes… Check fuses… make sure nothing went during installation…

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