Nissan Almera N17 NATS Key Registion by Launch X431 PRO3S 

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After replace ECM for Nissan,you will get trouble code P1614,it require you to register keys,so here show you guide on how to register NATS key for Nissan N17 by Launch X431.


2021 LAUNCH X431 PRO3S


Connect Launch X431 device to Nissan Almera,then enter menu to select “Asian”–>”Nissan”–>”ALMERA”…”Health Report”

DTC P1614 show here:Chain of Immu-key

Back to menu to select “NATS”

Select “After replacing or installing operating”

Select “Replace BCM”

Here it show your password here:2324

Then click “OK” to continue

Input password “2324”,click OK

Insert ignition key into ignition key cylinder and turn ignition switch to the ON position

After then the system will proceed to initialization ECU automatically.

Click “OK” to continue

Follow the steps insert immo key security indicator blink 5 times

And repeat steps to register all keys

Once done all keys can start engine

If you want to learn more about how to use launch x431, please refer to Launch X431 Feedback.

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