OBDSTAR DC706 Failed to Read GM Bosch T93 TCM?

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One of our customers was trying to read and write GMC Bosch T93 TCM with OBDSTAR DC706 and P003 adapter but had no luck.

Image attached:

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 1

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 4

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 2

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 3

There are Global A and Global B platforms in T93 Transmission Control Module.

DC706 now only supports Global A T93 before year 2020.

Read and write INT eeprom/flash for -2020 Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC Bosch T93 SPC5888.


If failed to read ad Global A T93 TCM, provide device serial number, vehicle model, year and operation date to obdstar engineer to check data log.


It cannot read and write 2020- T93 Global B.

For Global B T93 need HPTuner.

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