ODIS enables/disables VW/Audi component protection

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What is ODIS component protection:

Component protection is a VW Audi Group database. It tracks each individual electronic component, and which vehicle it is allocated to.
Essentially, component protection acts like an electronic padlock, tethering components to your vehicle. If we need to undertake any coding, adaptions, or basic settings of a component we need to release its padlock. That’s where ODIS comes in.
Component protection can be removed by any number of entities – both legitimate, and otherwise.

Why the component protection is necessary:

Cars are usually stolen for those parts with the highest value – engines, gearboxes, interiors, wheels. Assuming you have the various ECUs to go with the major mechanical components you can swap them into a car with a major mechanical fault and it will run because it ‘sees’ the associated boxes it expects to see.
Any independent garage regularly working on VAG cars will be needing to acquire the software licence for ODIS to be able to make any updates to newer vehicles, if they wish to go through the correct channels for removing CP, or even coding retrofits or replacing broken parts.

What do you need for component protection:

1.  ODIS software
2.  Use name and password are unique to each and every subscriber of ODIS
3.  VAG diagnostic tool confirmed to work, such as Vas5054a,VAS 6154, Vxdiag VCX Nano
4.  A good laptop/PC better running Windows 7 operation system
Note that we’re not talking about the original or copy, but a working scan tool and program. It’s possible to have a good success of component protection test at a low price if with ODIS crack and Chinese copy like VAS 5054A.

How to do VW/Audi component protection with ODIS:

Connect a VAG diagnostic tool  to the car, to work with ODIS sw
Run ODIS software
(The program, Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service for the Volkswagen Group, is used during workshop diagnosis and can identify vehicle control modules, read DTC memory entries and assist with vehicle repairs through Guided Fault Finding. Functions such as measurement support, flashing control modules and vehicle self-diagnosis expand the range of application. All important information and services from the Volkswagen Group are available while working via a network connection to the group systems. Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service is designed for all brands in the Volkswagen group.)
Diagnostic, then perform the component protection test

Component protection base programming

Component protection base programming has been carried out successfully
The following components are activated:
Distance regulation
Instrument cluster
Electronic central electrical system
Information electronics 1
Ignition off and on


Component protection base programming ENDs

Diagram, guided functions

Self-diagnosis: read and then clear fault codes

The test plan has not been completely executed yet
Would you like to continue guided fault finding? NO
Note: if “no”, all fault memories will be erased and queried once again, and then entire diagnostic data will be deleted. The diagnostic protocol can then still be printed out or saved, as required.

All fault memory entries have been deleted. However, there are still new or already familiar fault memory entries. Should a new test plan be created? NO

Read out the data required for subsequent online forwarding of the log, then save data
(Connect the diagnostic tester with respective hardware to your online network)

Component test ends.

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