Paccar Davie 4 Connection Error Solution 

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If you or someone you know uses Paccar Davie 4, you may have encountered this frustrating problem before. You plug in your truck, open Davie 4, click identify vehicle, and you end up on this screen.

Why Does This Happen?

This is a common error that more and more technicians are encountering these days. The main reason is that you are connecting to a 2016 or newer engine. The easiest way to explain why is: starting with the 2016 engines, Paccar’s engineers made some changes to the ECMs and their communications. Using your standard cables on a 2016 and newer Paccar will no longer work.

How to Fix?

As annoying as this error can be, there is good news. It’s easy to fix. All that is needed to fix this is a CAN channel crossover cable. This additional cable connector plugs into the end of your existing cable and translates data from 2016 and newer Paccar engines.

CAN Channel Crossover Cable?

There are two main cables on the market that solve this problem.

One is the Paccar Y-Adaptor. This cable is big and bulky but gets the job done. Unfortunately, due to the sudden high demand and COVID supply issues, these have been pretty hard to come by. For this reason, we recommend a simpler and slimmer alternative.

This cable is the Nexiq CAN Channel Crossover Cable. It’s a simpler design and much smaller. It is highly recommended for any store using the USB Link 2 interface, but it can be used with any RP1210 adapter. In contrast to the Y adapter, these have not suffered as much from delivery bottlenecks.

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