Program 09 Malibu Keyfob With Gm Tech2 Autel Mp808 Mk808 Etc

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Program 09 Malibu Keyfob with GM TECH2, Autel MP808, MK808 etc

Have 09 Chevy Malibu, we lost one remote and I would like to add one. How to do it? Go to the dealer? Also, you can buy Chinese Tech2 knockoff or Autel MK808 etc. Go on reading for reviews.

Car model and year: 09 Chevy Malibu


Purpose: program a keyfob

we lost one remote and I would like to add one.


09 Malibu Keyfob programming tools reviews:


Option 1. to the local dealer

1st experience. So far local dealers are quoting me $115 to $130 per keyfob to program. In addition, no local locksmiths have the scanner. With the tool its a 5 minute procedure but at the quoted prices I can pay 50% of the scanner then have it.


2nd experience:

I went to the local locksmith, had two of them programmed for $45 and it took her about 3 minutes. The problem with going to the dealer is that you are going to have customers who, for whatever reason, will have to come first. Contrary to what people may believe the appointment that you make is to drop off your car, not when it will be worked on. The schedule is very hectic, with upsells being made, repairs taking longer because of undiscovered underlying issues, jobs being pushed back because one customer can scream louder than the rest, blah, blah,……


Option 2. Chinese Tech2 knockoff Program 09 Malibu Keyfob ok

What is kind of sad is my generation of Impala, originally had it where you could program a new remote within the regular settings themselves but after a certain year, I think it was 2010, they got rid of that feature and decided that it was best handled by someone with a Tech2.



Gm Tech2


Option 3. buy a key fob with a programmer with it

You can buy at AutoZone a key fob with a programmer with it (it is actually a dorman product). It is in the range of about $80. I just went through the same procedure myself. And it only took about two minutes to program the key fob. And the take away at the end is that the next time you need to program a key fob you have the programmer already. And it will only cost about $40 for the new key fob without the programmer. And I could’ve programmed more key fob’s if I wanted to. Because it asked me if I wanted to program more key fob’s when I made mine. You just plug in the programmer into the scanner port. Turn on the key and wait for the beep. And in about a minute or two it will make 2 beats in quick succession. At at that point your key fob is programmed. And if you want to make more you can do it at that time.

Option 4. AUTEL MaxiPRO MP808 OBDII Diagnostics Scan Tool Key Coding

Confirmed: AUTEL MaxiPRO MP808 can program key fobs for Malibu 2001 – 2006 year & 2014 -2017 year. You can check the function list at the official site.

Autel Mp808 Autel Mp808 2


Option 5: Autel MaxiCOM MK808

Confirmed: AUTEL MaxiPRO MK808 can program key fobs for Malibu 2001 to 2002 year.

You can check the function list at the official site.

Autel Mk808




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