Program Chevy Silverado 2021 Key With Autel Im608 Or Obdstar

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Program Chevy Silverado 2021 Key with Autel IM608 or OBDSTAR?

Both tools will do Chevy Silverado 2021 blade and smart keys.


Autel IM508/IM608 does not have the 2021 Silverado in the coverage list.

Autel Im608 Silverado 1

The list is not 100% correct. Autel adds new CAN FD models smart keys in July 2021.

Yukon 2021 proximity

Sierra 2021 proximity

Escalade 2021 proximity

Tahoe 2021 proximity

Silverado 2021 proximity

Suburban 2021 proximity

Autel Im608 Silverado 2021

We have customers did 2021 Silverado both with and without adapter. 


We have customer did a 2021 Silverado no adapter is needed.  It was smart fob key. im508 pulled it from the bcm no problem. Still good on Silverados. Keyed or proximity.

Sierra should be the same.



We had another customer just used the CAN FD adapter and it works great. On a 2021 Silvarado, push to start. Used manual selection, under 2020.

prox key with the Can FD, and it pulled pin in less then a min, then took 10 for security granted, and key went right in. I was able to do 2021 suburban with can fd adapter through 2021 smart key Cadillac ct5 as well.



No need for the adapter for 2020 2021 Silvarado. 2021 gmc Sierra and silverado are on the old system. Autel will do all series trucks 1500-3500.

Just make sure your USB cable (the one that came with im608) is connected and not using Bluetooth. It always pulls the pin very fast, same with this screen when it “checks” the pin code just prior to the 10 minute programming cycle , it never even counts to 1% before it succeeds and moves on to Programming.


All the new SUVs (Yukon, Tahoe, Escalade etc), new 2021 proximity is CAN FD immo system. An Autel CAN FD adapter is required.  For the new system it needs outside help for pincode.

Check: Autel MaxiIM GM Security Verification Code Calculation Instruction

Full size vehicles are different than the others. on the full size models you have to get a pincode, that isn’t pulled from the vehicle like the other models.

Autel Can Fd

OBDSTAR x300 dp plus is the one that will do the new GM system. The obdstar does it from the tool, but obviously it needs internet so it can get the pin code. Thats the reason I bought the obdstar. it does all the 2021 gm’s. Need to pay an extra OBDSTAR CAN FD Adapter (Supports GM Cadillac Chevrolet GMC Buick 2020 2021)

It even does alot of 21 ford’s too. same with Toyota corolla proxy all keys lost, it’s able to bypass the 12 digit pin. They use a new toyota cable to do it.

I still use my autel as my go to tool. but it does do those new cars that others can’t do yet.


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