Program Honda Accord 2020 All keys Lost by Autel Im608 Pro 

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Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro is able to program Honda Accord 2020 all key lost via OBD successfully. No need XP400 Pro Programmer, simply connecting JVCI with OBD is enough.

Autel IM608 Pro Honda Accord IMMO Car List

Vehicle Model System Add Key All Keys Lost Remote Learning IMMO Part Replacement
Accord Touch-tone smart card(Honda) By OBD By OBD × Replace ECM/PCM, replace MICU
Accord Immobilizer(Honda)(Blade Key) By OBD By OBD By OBD ECM, immobilizer unit and ECM/PCM, replace ECM/PCM, replace MPCS/MICU/IMOES, replace immobilizer unit
Accord Knob-style smart card(Honda) By OBD By OBD × Replace ECU of the smart key, replace ignition knob.

How to program Honda Accord 2020 AKL?

Connect JVCI to the OBDII port, press

IMMO >> Accept >> Honda >> Manual selection >> Accord >> Smart key >> Push to start >> Yes

Do a system scan first to see if any issues appear, press “Immo status scan”.

Is the ignition turned on by pressing Start button twice? Yes

Autel IM608 Pro Scanner comes up normal, so let’s select

All keys lost(guided) >> Start

Registration condition

There is no DTCs.
Here must be all Keyless Remotes which want to register. One Keyless Remote have to be in vehicle.

Notes when registering

Be sure the following to decrease the source of noise as much as possible while registering the Keyless Remote. Turn OFF switches such as a navigation system and audio. Separate the for diagnostic tool from the Keyless Remote as much as possible approximately 1m(3 feet). close all windows, sunroofs, and doors.

Turn the ignition switch off.

(Don’t press the foot brake and press the engine start/stop button.)

Take one original keyless access remote into the vehicle.

And remove all other keyless access remotes from the vehicle.

Is the ignition turned on by pressing Start button twice? Yes

Whether is a new model(generally refer to the model after 2020)? Yes

Key programming succeeded.

Press “Yes” to learn next one, press “No” to complete.

Turn the ignition switch off.

(Don’t press the foot brake and press the engine Start/Stop button.)

Are both the keyless access and immobilizer indicator lights turned off? Yes

Once key learning is successful, synchronize the new key with the vehicle by turning the ignition ON and OFF a few times.

Just follow the prompts…


Let’s test the key to see if it works, it can start the engine and its remote is well.

This is how to use Autel IM608 Pro to add a key for Honda Accord 2020 when all keys lost successfully.

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