Programming Smart Keyfob using Autel MaxiSys Elite 

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In this article, I share with you guys how I’ve programmed my new smart key/Keyfob for Toyota Sienna, using Autel Maxisys Elite. The MaxiSys Elite was sold on obd2tool by Autel. When you buy the new smart key, make sure it’s an unused state, they call it a virgin key.

Go ahead and connected a programming device. In my case it’s a Autel MaxiFlash Elite, turn on the MaxiFlash, turn on the Autel MaxiSys Elite.

Turn on the ignition but not the car.

Two green checkmarks means that programming devices

connected to your car.

Now tap “Diagnostics” on MaxiSys Elite.

Click on the VIN and press “auto detect”.

The device will scan the VI um.

Choose your car make ” Toyota Asia”.

Scroll down and press accept.

Verify the VIN and press OK.

Press “Radar cruise”.

Choose “with smart key”.

Verify card information and press yes.

Press “Hot functions”.

Collect on “Immo & keys”.

Choose “Auto remote match”.

Choose “Smart key”.

Choose “Smart code registration (classic)”.

This function registers a new smart code. Press OK.

Make sure the ignition is on but not the car. Press next.

Select on ” I am just registering keys”. Then press next.

Read this information to know how many keys you have registered, press next.

Touch the ignition / power switch with the old key.

Now touch a power switch with the new key.

You can program more keys, if you want. If you don’t want you can wait or press register.

Congratulations, you have a new smart key and it’s working.

Okay guys that was that now you have a new smart key. Big thanks to Autel MaxiSys Elite and MaxiFlash.

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