Range rover 2013-2015 all smart keys lost programming by IM608 

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This article shares the tutorial about how to program smart key to 2013-2015 Range Rover Sport when all keys lost by Autel MaxiIM IM608.

Car: 2013-2015 Range Rover Sport
Issue: All keys lost
Case: Program smart key by Autel IM608

Note:If you encounter any type of problem during the process, please upload the datalog on the top-right corner after failing to perform the functions. Please connect your device to the network while performing the following functions.

Specific operation procedure is as follows:
1. Connect IM508/608 to the vehicle, Click on “LandRover” logo. Go to “Manual
selection” — >”Range rover”– >”2010-2015”– >”Smart Key” — >”Immo Status Scan” to
start the key programming.

2.Press the vehicle “Start” button then Click on “OK” to scan the vehicle IMMO system,After that click on “Key Learning” to being the process.

3.Click on “Operate Guide” before you continue the key learning process. Read theinstruction carefully.

4.In this case, it is “all smart keys lost”, Press the vehicle “Start” button then clickon “OK”. The device will give warning all original keys will be erased after device read the vehicle IMMO data successfully.

5. Click on “Yes” after you have learned the first key successfully then continue to learn the second key by repeating above process. After you have learned the second key successfully, click on “No” to quite learning process.

6. After learning key successfully, please check whether the new learned keys can start the vehicle and remotes work ok. If not, try with “Recover Smart Key” then go back to key learning process.

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