Repair BMW X5 3.0 Self-Adaptive Headlights

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X5 3.0Si Self-adaptive Headlights Repair

One BMW X5 3.0Si SUV with 160 kilometers,the owner described that
self-adaptive headllights work incorrectly and troulbe lamp light on when
after repalcing headlights .

Trouble Diagnosis

It importance that we need to coding for self-adaptive headlights
controller after you replacing headlight.And it will remind you that
“self-adaptive headlights unstuck”,it need to code.

Porcedure of Coding for BMW X5 3.0 self-adaptive

  • Step 1:Connect X431 Pro to vehicle and read the trouble
    code”9CC1″.Then check control information,X431 pro display
    “self-adaptive headlights unstuck”
  • Step 2:Back to menu,select coding
  • Step 3:Select “data stream” and then selected the first
    option “bmw comfort access(cas) and frm module
  • Step 4:It will show the vehicle information about
    “VIN,Factory data status,current data status..and so on.Select next
  • Step 5:Select “coding system list”
  • Step 6:Select “LSMC”(left stepper motor
  • Step 7:Screen will show LSMC vehicle order,after selecting
  • After coding it will remind you “recoding complete”,click
    “comfirm” to finish.

  • Go back to FRM system to clear the trouble code,and the
    “self-headlights unstuck” warning will disappear.
  • Maintenance summary

    Self-adaptive headlights system a new technology which equiped to top grade
    cars.You need to master function principles, learn procedure of repairing and
    know the new features of repair device.All of them help you to solve problems
    easily and quickly.

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