Resetting the BMW FRM Module Short Circuit Counter

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FRM Module Reset: Short Circuit Counter

Many people struggle with resetting short circuit counters in FRM
modules,so I share the guide on how to reset the short circuit counter.FRM1
and FRM2 short circuit counters can be resetted successfully by this
Note: Proceed at your own risk, this is just my interpretation for
educational/entertainment value only. I am not responsible for you blowing up
your car or damaging your modules. Im serious!

First off, these are the files that correspond to their respective FRM
revisions. These group files can be used for any chassis that uses an FRM
Unfortunately, I do not know the group files for the LM modules but this
can be quickly and easily found through trial and error.

The default location for these files can be found here:

For FRM1, use FRM_87.prg
For FRM2 or FRM3, use FRM_70.prg
NOTE: I have not reset a short circuit counter on an FRM3 module yet but
the same group file is used in INPA to read/erase faults, run activations,
display live data, etc. So I’m assuming this group file will work for FRM3
modules. You will probably know right away because Tool32 might not even load
the tables after opening the group file in step 3. It will probably result in
an IFH-0018 error if it cannot load the group file/connect to the module

  • Step 1: Connect your cable. Interface does not matter (ICOM,
    DCAN, ADS, ENET, etc.) as long as it’s setup properly in the EBIABAS.ini
    configuration file. You MUST be connected to the car to load SGBD or Group
    files! Otherwise, you will get IFH-0018 or IFH-0009 com errors and blank
  • Step 2: Open Tool32.
  • Step 3: Load the SGBD or Group File. This can be done one of 3
    ways described below. After the file has been loaded, you should see 4
    different windows open. A photo of the 4 windows is attached at the bottom of
    this post (1 Open.jpg)
  • 3a. File, Load SGBD, Group File
    3b. Press F3
    3c. Select the small button in the top left corner that looks like a folder
    with a curved
    arrow over it.

  • Step 4: Navigate to the window labeled “Tabellen-Info.”
    In the drop down menu, select “LAMPNRTEXTE[x][xx].” [x][xx] maybe
    different for you. Mine was [3][33] but this doesn’t matter at all. This
    table lists the lamp fixtures (right) and their corresponding IDs (left).
    These IDs are the arguments you need to enter to execute your job. Note the
    lamp ID(s) for the fixture(s) that is(are) out. I have attached this list
    below and translated it into English for the FRM_87.prg group file.
    FRM_70.prg IDs may be different but the translations should be the
  • Step 5: Once you have your lamp ID(s) ready, you can select the
    “Select Job:FRM_XX” window and on the left side, you will see the
    available jobs for your control unit. About a 1/3 of the way up from the
    bottom, select the job
  • Step 6: Now enter your lamp ID or “argument” into the
    field. The checkbox for “Data” does NOT need to be checked off. If
    the job does not execute properly, you can try ticking this
  • Step 7: Run the job. This can be done 2 ways. Once the job runs,
    another window will be brought to the front of the screen and will indicate
    job status. You are looking to get the result, “OKAY.” Any other
    response indicates that the job did not execute
  • 7a. Job, Start Job once only
    7b. Press F5

  • Step 8: After you have received an “OKAY” response, you
    can close Tool32 and use INPA or whatever program/method you use to clear any
    remaining faults.
  • Now, you should no longer have a short circuit fault and power should be
    restored to your fixture; granted there are no physical shorts in the harness
    or any other issues.

    If you guys run into any issues, please let me know by replying to this
    thread. Please do NOT PM me. This way, all issues can be documented here in
    the thread.
    Lamp ID Lamp Fixture
    0x00 High Beam, Left or E92/3 Cornering Light
    0x01 High Beam, Right or E92/3 Cornering Light
    0x02 Low Beam, Left
    0x03 Low Beam, Right
    0x04 Parking Light, Left
    0x05 Parking Light, Right
    0x06 Fog Light, Left, Front
    0x07 Fog Light, Right, Front
    0x08 Turn Signal, Left, Front
    0x09 Turn Signal, Right, Front
    0x0A Turn Signal, Left, Rear
    0x0B Turn Signal, Right, Rear
    0x0C Unassigned 1
    0x0D Lighting WBL Button?
    0x0E Brake Light, Left
    0x0F Brake Light, Right
    0x10 Brake Light, Center
    0x11 Taillight/Brake Light, Left 1 or E92/3 Daytime Running Light
    0x12 Taillight/Brake Light, Right 1 or E92/3 Daytime Running Light
    0x13 Taillight/Brake Light, Left 2
    0x14 Taillight/Brake Light, Right 2
    0x15 Licence Plate Lighting
    0x16 Interior Lighting
    0x17 Fog Light, Left, Rear
    0x18 Fog Light, Right, Rear
    0x19 Reverse Light, Left
    0x1A Reverse Light, Right
    0x1B Brake Force Display, Left
    0x1C Brake Force Display, Right
    0x1D Clamp 58g
    0x1E LED Driving Lights Control
    0x1F LED Front Field Illumination
    0xFF Unknown Lamp

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