SAE J2534 RP1210-compliant PassThru programming interface

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The V1 Flash is a D-PDU, SAE J2534 & RP1210-compliant PassThru programming interface. Using the updated OEM software, it is capable of replacing the existing software/firmware in the Electronic Control Units (ECU), programming new ECUs, and fixing software-controlled drivability issues and emission issues.

OTOFIX IM2 and EvoScan Ultra come with V1 Flash VCI.

Otofix Evoscan Ultra

EvoScan Ultra with V1 Flash

Otofix Im2 V1 Flash

IM2 with V1 Flash

Where to download J2534 driver for V1 Flash?


Go to Diagnostic Tool

Download Maxi PC Suite for Windows or Mac

Otofix V1 Flash J2534 Driver

Let PC download Maxi PC Suite program. Unzip file, run Setup.exe, select Maxi PC Suite language

Install Setup.exe

Install Otofix V1 Flash J2534 Driver 1

Install Otofix V1 Flash J2534 Driver 2

Install Otofix V1 Flash J2534 Driver 3

Install Otofix V1 Flash J2534 Driver 4

Run Maxi PC Suite on desktop

Connect V1 flash VCI with laptop thru USB to have the device detected

The indicator turns yellow when connected with laptop via USB, then it turns to green when detected by Maxi PC Suite

Now you can get V1 Flash communicate with OEM software

We have these options when connecting with GM Techline Connect SPS2

When select device VCI, select device as V1FLASH-AUTEL

Otofix V1 Flash J2534

It can use with any software that works with j2534, just download drivers from OTOFIX. People have tested working with







Honda HDS

Techstream Toyota

PCMflash (but there is some modules that u need to use scanmatik2 or pcmflash flash box.)


OTOFIX V1 vs V1 Flash VCI

Both supports CAN FD and DoIP protocols.

V1 Flash supports J2534, D-PDU, RP1210 protocols, it can be used as j2534 passthru device for OEM programming, V1 cannot.


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