Smart Pro Or Autel Im608 Key Programmer Which Is Better

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Smart Pro or Autel IM608 Key Programmer, Which is Better?

Smart Pro Key Programmer or Autel MaxiIM IM608 you guys can tell what is better I want to get one of them?

Im608 Vs Smart Pro

Review from the locksmith who uses Autel IM608:

1.The value for money that you will get for the Autel im608 is way more than Smart Pro.


2. Autel hands down I have both and I don’t even use Smart Pro.


3. Autel IM608 by miles.


4. I have both Smart Pro and Autel IM608, honestly I prefer the Autel IM608.


And more people are using Autel IM608……


Review from those locksmiths who use both Autel IM608 and Smart Pro:  

1. Autel IM608 for Asian and Euro; AD Smart Pro for USA.

Typically SP is better for Ford, and I have not heard complaints about GM vehicles on either machine. So, first define what is your market.


More Autel IM608 Vehicle Coverage Inquiry:

Autel Im608 Vehicle Coverage


2. Both of them Smart Pro and Autel IM608 are good.


3. I have both and Smart Pro is very average it does simple very well but nothing else it’s a money pit.


4. Smart Pro good for the new fords for the new Nissans you can program a key without nastf in the USA.


5. I have both. I find the smart pro doesn’t do so many vehicles.

2019 Renault Traffic 4A chip, Autel reads Pflash data and extracts the mega long pin code via OBD, Smart Pro failed.

AD smart pro wouldn’t connect to a BMW X5 2007, Autel connected straight away.
2017 Hyundai Tucson proxy system read pin and add key success by Autel, Smart Pro failed.

2019 Chevy sonic Smart Pro only can get the pin number could not program smart key or get into the software, IM608 got it done in 12 minutes.
I am aware of at least 20 cases of locksmiths bricking UK models with smart pro.


6.  I like both but im608 is better in my opinion

Smart Pro (2020 and 2021 cars )…SP is a state of art; im608 good scanner.

7.Im608 gets jobs done token free wide range of cars with easy if no how to use it.

8. For high volume, smart pro is faster (no wait for connecting to vci, and profiles go directly to programming without scanning first) but im608 smokes it on euro


9. SmartPro is great at a lot of different vehicles, and doesn’t need an internet connection. It’s a very good tool, but not great at fault code deleting etc.
IM608 is an awesome all-rounder, which constantly surprises me at what it can do. Not super useful in underground carparks with no internet reception though, but with the Programmer and Toyota Prox dongle, G-Box, you can do tonnes of cars


10. I have both. I would suggest buying IM608 first.


11. Autel to start off its a cheaper alternative then the smart pro. Smart pro is token based unless you buy the full programs and each run more then 750. I have invested in my smart pro at least 20k.


12. I’ve had both. Autel much more consitant.


13. I have smart pro and im608. Smart pro isn’t bad but few cars Y prefer autel.


14. I have them both. Depends of the type of cars and volume you see. As a whole the 608 will do or provide more information. I use the smart pro for speed and efficiency on 90% of my Asian and US cars.


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