Toyota Corolla 2019-2022 Oil Reset

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Toyota Corolla Oil Reset. Instructions for resetting the oil service maintenance reminder indicator warning message for Toyota Corolla models from 2019 to 2020, 2021 to 2022. More topics about Toyota, please refer to: Toyota Trouble Repair.

If “Maintenance Required Visit Your Dealer“ is displayed indicates that all maintenance must be performed in accordance with the driven distance on the maintenance schedule. approximately 5000 miles (8000 km) after the message has been reset. (The indicator will not work properly unless the message has been reset.) Perform the necessary maintenance. Please reset the message after the maintenance is performed.

5 Easy Steps

STEP 1 Turn the IGNITION ON (Accessory mode).
STEP 2 Press the right/left Arrow Keys < > button on the steering wheel to scroll SETTINGS.

STEP 3 Use the scroll down Arrow key to select VEHICLE SETTINGS, then press and hold the OK button.

STEP 4 Scroll down to SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE then press the OK button.

STEP 5 Then Select YES then press the OK button to reset the Maintenance Reminder.

Resetting the oil Maintenance required is now complete. Please start the engine to see if the indicator has been reset.

NOTE: Scheduled maintenance should be performed at specified intervals according to the maintenance schedule. You can perform some maintenance procedures by yourself. Please be aware that do-it-yourself self-maintenance may affect warranty coverage.

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