Toyota TechstreamV12.10.019 Free Download: 100% Works

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Toyota TechstreamV12.10.019 Free Download: 100% Works

Free download Toyota TIS Techstream V12.10.019 diagnostic scanner software crack (05-2017 released) on Mega:!91EmzBwC!UM6oi3gGA4o5bvQCWBHRvIwJEPH1zOZzqLb9Qw7ajmo

Free to use

NO need techstream activation/registration key

5000 Days all region patch included.


Credits to SCOTT in the MH community


Is there any difference from 02/2017 edition (12.00.129) ?

Support for new cars, fixing old bags.


2017.05 Techstream 12.10.019 test report:

Not sure of its security because it’s not tested;

Safe to use tested version of toyota techstream crack


100% tested OK


Techstream scan tools—Worked!

MINI VCI cable….worked

Mangoose VCI….worked

VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota….worked

Toyota OTC 2…worked



Basic diagnostics…confirmed

Customization settings…confirmed

Key programming…confirmed

Ecu programming…confirmed


The dealership software is confirmed working for diagnosing Toyota, Lexus, Scion!


Note: toyota key programming & ecu programming only can be done via Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota & Toyota OTC 2 scan tool




Toyota techstream manual:

How to install Techstream 12.00.019 software:


How to do Toyota techstream key programming:


How to reset smart code for Lexus Lx570:

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