VCDS HEX-V2 V23.11 Latest Version Update

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VCDS HEX-V2 Cable support to work with Multi-language VCDS crack software in official website. HEX-V2 Dual-K+CAN USB Interface Compatible with all diagnostic-capable VW/Audi passenger cars from 1996 to currnet, Windows-based diagnostic software for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat etc.

VCDS HEX-V2 Cable Overview:
Software Version: V23.11
Support Language: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Czech, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia (Need to use loader to run other languages except English)
Vehicle List: For Audi/VW/Skoda/Seat etc
System Requirements: Windows 7 or newer
VCDS VAG COM HEX-V2 Cable Software Multi-language As Following:
EN English
PTT Portugal
HGJ Hungary
FRM French
CN Chinese
EST Spain
ITT Italy
DE German
ROJ Romania
RUS Russian
AKP Poland
PRI Netherlands
NEZ Denmark
AER Swedish
CZ Czech

Notice: if you would like to the newest software version V23.11, please download from official website.

VCDS Hex-V2 Multi-language Loader Download Link:


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