Vediamo Coding a Program to Close TrunkWith Key by on MercedesW212 2014-2016  

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This instruction will show a case about how to coding a program to close trunk with FOB key via Vediamo for BENZ E-CLASS W212 facelift model 2014-2016.  More cases about Benz, please refer to Benz Trouble Repair. Please be careful when using programs you could damage your car system if you don’t know what your doing.


Battery charger and MB Star C4 diagnostic tool connected from OBD II port to laptop

Running software Vediamo and click Vecoute

Click “Change folder”

Find “Program files(x86)”–>”Mercedes-Benz”–>”Xentry”–>”MB_PKW “–>”Caeser”–>”cbf”, click OK

Scroll down and find “PTCM”, click “OK”

Click “Initiate ECU contact”

Click “Code the vanant of an ECU” and correct items , then click “ECU Coding”

Then close and click “Exit ECU contact”

Click “Close the currently selected Vediamo System”

Function is ready, now test it

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