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Vediamo and DTS Monaco training books include a user manual and guide for Benz Engineer Software and provide professional training for Mercedes-Benz garages and locksmiths. This Engineer System Training Book helps you learn how to code and flash Mercedes offline.

Vediamo and DTS MONACO Engineer System Training Books Index

  • Engiener’s main interface
  • Connect with vehicle
  • Connection protocol selection
  • Main button function description
  • Connection module submenu description
  • Read and save module information
  • Fault reading and quick clearing
  • Code saving
  • Control unit change code
  • Control unit SAM data write
  • Control unit programming
  • Change transmission coding
  • Installation of CLA/GLA/A/B
  • Vediamo open GLA200 156AUX
  • W166 Maintenance mileage Change: 10000KM
  • Cancel Installed engine, max speed limit ME97
  • Refit 222 original factory memory seat
  • Personalization start and stop Recall
  • Brush 213,238 and stop memory
  • Brush HU5S1 Harman audio
  • Add W205 Digital tire pressure
  • Add 176 digital tire pressure
  • Retrofitting W222 P20 Driver assistance system
  • Retrofitting 205 222 HUD (IC222)
  • Cancel fuel evaporative emission system
  • W212 cancel the anti-collision aid system A90
  • GLE Gauge radio frequency
  • additional battery fault solution for 221-meter

DTS-Monaco Special Feature:

1. Quick Test: Entire vehicle ECU quick test, and the test can choose to edit more
2. Variant Coding: Coding with variation add VO- delete VO function
3. ID identification: One click to read the whole car and save all modules programmed numbers
4. Complete Variant Coding: One time to read all the ECU coding vehicle data, can be written to the vehicle again, completely off-line operation
5. Diagnostic Services: Advanced features can see your choice of internal and external data module, turn on the computer authorization (not driving license), Activate ECU, reset ECU, modifying the original chassis number
6. Flash programming: Fully offline programming
7. Diagnostic Trouble Code: Diagnostic module DTC fault code
8. ECU Exchange: Two of the same ECU, by reading data import data exchange
9. Symbolic trace: Record and track the file, after repeated viewing, analysis of fault logic point

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