What is FEC SWAP code?​

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What is the FEC SWaP code?​

  • Feature Enabling Code / Software As a Product – a mechanism to pack units with features and sell activation codes later on.
  • In MIB this controls App-Connect (CarPlay, AndroidAuto, MirrorLink), Performance Monitor, Voice Control, navigation region, and a few other things.
  • Code is generated by the VAG server, and contains VIN, VCRN, feature code, creation time and date, and digital signature.
  • Code will not work on a different vehicle than it was created for (unless the main unit is patched).


  • USB Flasher kit or Dlink DUB-E100
  • FEC/SWaP code that you want to install.

Why do I need/want to do it?​

  • If you want Performance Monitor and VW is not selling an activation code for it.
  • If you want AndroidAuto in Porsche (Porsche will not enable it, even if you pay).
  • If you swap from MIB1 to MIB2, MIB2 High MHI2, MH2p etc
  • If you move to another region and want your maps to work.
  • Entry-level car is not equipped with CarPlay/AndroidAuto.

Additional info​

  • Will not work with VCDS (it can not change service to EOL).
  • Good to have developer mode enabled first to access the full-service menu.
  • Installing unsupported codes will not enable features.
  • Installing self-generated codes in the stock units will not enable features. You need to patch the system first. Otherwise, codes will be marked as invalid.
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