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Would anyone recommend what would be a good OBD tool for Mercedes? I would like to use it for S and GLS vehicles but also for other MBs, for daily DIY diagnostics but also when buying a used car. I’m looking for one that is done with the MBs codes and brings the descriptive issues rather than the criptick codes… and updatable if possible – future proof.

What’s a Mercedes Benz Scanner?

A Mercedes Benz scanner simply refers to an on-board diagnostic(OBD) scanner and tester tools that support the Mercedes Benz Car. The Mercedes obd2 scanner allows you to read and clear trouble codes related to different systems in the car including engine, transmission, braking system, airbag system, and so forth.

When it comes to OBD II protocols, Mercedes used ISO 9141 protocol on their car after the year 2000. If you have a 2000s Mercedes car, you need to buy an OBDII scanner that supports ISO 9141 or it won’t work on your car. Fortunately, ISO 9141 has become a standard protocol for many brands and models so most scanners are available in the market support this very protocol.

There are two major types of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tools including wired and wireless OBD2 scanners. All scanners would need to be connected through the OBDII port on your car. Wired scanners allow you to connect the car and the interface through the wire. Wireless scanners enable you to plug the adapter into the port that transmits the data via wireless connection(usually Bluetooth) where you can access the interface through paired devices like smartphones or tablets.

We suply the BEST diagnostic tools you can buy for a Mercedes such mb star c3,c4,c5,c6,m6 and so on. And to be extra helpful, we’ve provided high, medium, and low budget options. Whether you’re trying to spend the money on a Mercedes diagnostic tool or want to save some cash on your diagnostics, we’ve got you covered.



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