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1. OBDSTAR Odo Master

OBDSTAR Odo Master Odometer Correction Tool is latest OBD mileage change tool launched by OBDSTAR which is based on OBDSTAR X300M. It has a wide vehicle coverage of Ford, from 2005 to 2019.


Attachment: Obdstar OdoMaster Ford Car List

Brand Model Year Dashboard /BSI
Ford 500
Ford Crown Victoria 2005-
Ford C-max 2016
Ford C-max 2012
Ford C-max 2011 NEC 70F3425
Ford C-max 2 pointer Color meter (MAC7116+24C16)
Ford E250 2008-2009
Ford E350 2008-2009
Ford E450 2008-2009
Ford Ecosport 2017-
Ford Ecosport 2013-
Ford Edge 2016-
Ford Edge 2015-
Ford Edge -2015
Ford Edge 2011 D70F3423
Ford Edge Hybrid 2012
Ford Endeavour 2015
Ford Escape 2013
Ford Escape 2008-2012
Ford Expedition 2017
Ford Expedition 2011
Ford Expedition 2007-2010
Ford Explore 2016 Platinum edition
Ford Explore 2016
Ford Explore 2015-
Ford Explore 2007-2010
Ford Explore 2004
Ford F150 2017 SPC5645(24C32)
Ford F150 2015-
Ford F150 2013 SPC5604
Ford F150 2006-2007
Ford F250 2018
Ford F250 2017
Ford F250 2006-2007
Ford F350 2018
Ford F350 2006-2007
Ford F450 2018
Ford F450 2006-2007
Ford F500 2006-2007
Ford F550 2018
Ford F550 2006-2008
Ford Fiesta 2017-
Ford Fiesta 2013-
Ford Fiesta -2012
Ford FIGO/Aspire 2016-2018
Ford Flex 2008-2012
Ford Focus 2019
Ford Focus 2013-
Ford Focus 2011 NEC 70F3425
Ford Focus 2009 Multifuntional screen
Ford Focus 2005-2008
Ford Freestar 2006-
Ford Freestyle SPC56XX
Ford Freestyle 2005-
Ford Fusion 2017
Ford Fusion 2016
Ford Fusion 2015
Ford Fusion 2013
Ford Fusion Hybrid 2017
Ford KA 2018-
Ford KA 2017- R5F10
Ford KA 2016- R5F10
Ford KA 2015-
Ford Kuga 2013-
Ford Kuga 2013
Ford Kuga 2012-
Ford Kuga 2012
Ford Kuga 2010
Ford Merc Mariner 2008-
Ford Mustang 2015-
Ford Mustang 2013 SPC5606
Ford Mondeo 2016 SPC5604
Ford Mondeo 2015
Ford Mondeo 2011-2013
Ford Mondeo 2007-2010
Ford Navigator 2017
Ford Navigator 2011
Ford Navigator 2007-2010
Ford New Mondeo Small Color Meter
Ford New Mondeo Big Color Meter
Ford New Mondeo Double Color Meter
Ford New Mondeo Monochrome Screen Meter
Ford New Mondeo 2 pointer Color meter (MAC7116+24C16)
Ford New Mondeo 2015- SPC5645+93C86
Ford New Mondeo 2015- SPC5645+24C32 Visteon
Ford Police Interceptor 2016
Ford Ranger 2017 SC667351+93C86
Ford Ranger 2016- SPC5606
Ford Ranger 2015- SPC5645S+93C86
Ford Ranger 2013 SPC560
Ford Ranger 24C16
Ford S-max Monochrome Screen Meter
Ford S-max 2 pointer Color meter (MAC7116+24C16)
Ford S-max 2007-2010 4 point Color Meter
Ford Town Car 2005
Ford Taurus 2015-
Ford Taurus 2008-2009
Ford Taurus 2004
Ford Tourneo Courier 2014- 9S12XEQ384
Ford Transit 2013 NEC 70F3425
Ford Transit 2012 24C32
Ford Transit Courier 2014- 9S12XEQ384
Ford Transit Custom 2018-
Ford Transit Connect 2017-


2. Original DSPIII+ DSP3+ Odometer Correction Tool Full Package

The best odometer repair equipment DSP3+
1.Full touch screen
2.One button upgrade
3.Real time data interaction with PC via USB
4.World top R & D team, professional after-sales group to service
5.98% coverage rate for digital odometer, airbag modules, car radios,car immobilizers
6.Simple and clear operation interface

DSP3+ Odometer TOOL full package (include all software and hardware)
Free 2022 update with DSP3+ Full version!Adjusting kilometers with DSP3+Popular milage programmerAdvanced device programmerConversion from Miles to KilometersMotorola device programmerEEPROM device programmer

The most advanced odometer adjustment tool for professionals
The most complete version to cover odometer mileage adjustment, airbag reset, some immobilizer programming and radio decoding. No limitation on odometer software! Can be used as stand along device programmer to access any EEPROM and MCU found in automotive industry these days.


3. Digiprog 3

DigiProg III is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speedo programming and correction software.

Digiprog 3 Ford Odometer Correction Car List

Ford C-MAX ,S12
Ford FIESTA (-2009)
Ford FOCUS 2004- s12,s12x
Ford MONDEO 2008-,SMAX,GALAXY 2006-
Ford MUSTANG (7R33)
Ford Smax/Mondeo/Galaxy s
Ford Bantam
Ford Calaxy -2006
Ford Calaxy 2006-
Ford Cmax
Ford Connect
Ford Connect Programming Via Micro
Ford Cougar Cluster-Diagnosis
Ford Edge
Ford Escape 2007-
Ford Escape Hybrid HCS12
Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer 2003 Programming Via Micro
Ford Explorer Programming Via Micro
Ford F-Series
Ford F150 2004 Programming Via Micro
Ford F150 HC11 Programming Via Micro
Ford F150 HCS12
Ford F250
Ford F250 HC12 Programming Via Micro
Ford F350 Program Via Cluster
Ford F450
Ford Feista 2003
Ford Feista 9S12 2006 model Programming Via BDM
Ford Fiesta 2001-2008
Ford Fiesta 2008 hcs12
Ford Fiesta 2008-
Ford Fiesta 2009
Ford Fiesta Cluster-Diagnosis
Ford Fiesta KA
Ford Figo
Ford Focus 2003 Chp & Micro all models Programmin Via chip Or BDM Points
Ford Focus 2004-
Ford Focus 2008
Ford Focus Cluster-Diagnosis
Ford Focus/Cmax
Ford Freestar
Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion Progarmming Via Chip
Ford GT 24c08
Ford Galaxy 2000/2006 Diagnosis
Ford Galaxy Diagnosis
Ford Kuga
Ford Maverick 2007-
Ford Maverick HC11 Programming Via Micro
Ford Mondeo 2008-
Ford Mondeo Cluster-Diagnosis
Ford Mondeo/Galaxy/Smax
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang 2007-
Ford Mustang 24C32
Ford Mustang Programming Via Micro
Ford Puma Cluster-Diagnosis
Ford Ranger 2007
Ford Ranger 24C16
Ford Ranger Programming Via Cluster
Ford Scorpio Cluster-Diagnosis
Ford Smax
Ford Tarus 2003/ Only in our office
Ford Territory
Ford Thunderbird 2005/ 2006 model Programming Via BDM
Ford Thunderbird HC11
Ford Transit
Ford Transit 2003
Ford Transit 2004 Programming Via Micro
Ford Transit Model 2003
Ford Transit TVI Chip 66 Progarmming Via Chip
Ford VAN F150
Ford Windstar HC11 Programming Via Micro
Ford s

4. Yanhua Digimaster 3

Top 6 Reasons to Get Digimaster III with 980 Tokens:

1. Latest Version:V1.8.2001.15 ( 2020-1-26)
2. Update Methods: Online Update
3. It contains a high performance hardware platform which takes high-speed CPLD and the ARM11 processor as the core technology
4. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc
5. It contains the advanced technology of programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM reading/writing and resetting; 35080V6 erasure etc. large numbers of pictures and particular description makes your operation pleasant
6. Digimaster 3 Latest Package List, Kindly Note the Optional Ones not in Default Package

Main Function of Digimaster III Odometer Master:
1. Odometer correction
2. Audio decoding
3. Airbage reset
4. ECU programming
5. PIN Code Reading
6. BMW key programming

Detail list as follows:

Alfa Cadillac Daihatsu Aston Martin Chrysler Honda Audi Ford Hyundai Bentley GM ISUZU BMW Lincoln KIA Benz Lexus Citroen Mazda FIAT Mitsubishi Ferrari Nissan Jaguar Proton Lamborghini SSangYong, Lancia Subaru Lotus SUZUKI Man Toyota Opel peugeot Porsche Renault Rover Saab Skoda Volvo Volkswagen Wiesmann Truck Forkman Maserati Other vehicle Motorcycle Truck

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