What’s the Launch X431 update cost  

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If you are looking for update for your Launch X431 scan tool after 2 years,we will tell you the update cost $495.

This price works for below model.

[Gasoline] products:Diagun III/diagun IV/Diagun V/X431 V/X431V+/X431Pro mini/X431 Pros mini/X431 PRO/X431 PRO3/X431 PAD/X431 PAD II/X431 Pros/X431 Pro3S/

[Diesel] products:X431 HD,X431 HD2,X431 HD3

Gasoline Diesel:X431 HD,X431 HD2,X431 HD3

If your are Launch CRP series user,the price only $90/Year.This price work for below modl.

CRP429/ CRP423 /CRP479/ CRP469/ CRP909 ect.

If you are using the Launch Creader series that value under $100,it should be life time free update.

Please send a full screen to show the serial number if you want to update for your Launch scan tool.



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