Which volvo diagnostic tool is the best to do volvo car ?  

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There are so many Volvo OBD diagnostic systems on the aftermarket, but which one to buy? which one is the best scan tool do volvo cars ?  Here to introduce one volvo diagnostic tool: Super Volvo Dice Pro+ 2014D Volvo Diagnostic Communication Equipment.

Volvo Dice PRO+ is the newest Volvo car scanner which is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle.
Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software.
In order to facilitate the maintenance convenience, when the car DiCE Pro provides a holster and handle, can effectively protect the equipment, the user can be hung on the equipment or his belt. In equipment positive four lamp, it will tell whether good user equipment work in equipment, the operating instructions on the tools back.

Super Volvo Dice Pro+ Features:

1. VOLVO Dice Pro is assigned Volvo OEM scanner,It provid orignal trouble diagnostic, orignal work information system , DiCE Pro selftest , DiCE Pro automatic upgread by newer software version and alone SQL Server database.
2. VOLVO Dice Pro has all set function to support workshop,It can do volvo cars form 1999 to now.(according VIDA version)

3. VOLVO Dice Pro automatic scan the veichle infomation by itself ,example Vin number / Engine Num / AT Number…..

4. VOLVO Dice Pro can do read DTC,How to repair DTC,Read Datastream,Actuation,Programming/coding.

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