WiTech 2.0 NotWorkingWith a Verified J2534 VCI  

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What repair can’t you do? Program the PCM

What information are you having trouble with? The WiTech 2.0 tried to program the PCM and every time it started programming the WiTech 2.0 disconnected from the VCI, Cardaq 3 Plus. No error code.

What steps did you take to get the information you needed? I contacted WiTech 2.0 support twice yesterday 4/25/2022. I’ve been on the phone with them for over 3 hours and they keep saying it’s a fault with the J2534 VCI or the vehicle. I’ve used two different laptops, two different J2534 VCIs and even tried it on a different vehicle with the exact same problem occurring in exactly the same way and even with different modules. I know it’s not the vehicle because I had someone with a micropod program it and it worked fine so it just doesn’t work with J2534 VCIs and it wasn’t until after this update that I had a problem. I asked OPUS to take a look at the problem and show them what was going on. They monitored the Cardaq Plus 3 J2534 VCI while the issue was occurring and said the J2534 VCI would not disconnect and the WiTech 2.0 software was failing. I’ve even tried a wired ethernet cable, WiFi, and a mobile hotspot with no change.

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